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Thread: CC at Marcus Theaters

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    CC at Marcus Theaters

    Anyone know if CC carry is legal at Marcus Theaters in Fargo? I have not seen anything posted nor heard that it is not but wanted to see what you guys thought. Thanks for your time.

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    Welcome aboard. You do realize that this is an open carry forum, right?
    As for your question, you could go look at their doors,
    or you could check
    And probably someone in ND will be along shortly.

    IIRC, Marcus is not anti-rights.
    Here's a thread of stores in WI which are posted, starting with a list of corporations. Marcus is not among them, & it's a WI company.

    Whatever you do, do NOT call & ask.
    You'll likely get some low-level minumum-wage person who doesn't know corporate policy but does have an opinion & isn't hesitant about expressing it.
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