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Thread: Black eye for chicago (though they deserve alot worse) 850K verdict/police behavior

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    Black eye for chicago (though they deserve alot worse) 850K verdict/police behavior

    this case will not stop this type of behavior but will make cops more aggressive in grabbing video footage ...

    nobody charged with obstruction ...

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    The Mayor is confident that Superintendent McCarthy and his leadership team have not, and would not, approve of, let alone participate in, a code of silence,” spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton said in a statement.
    Uh.....yeah, right.

    And to the extent there are members of the department who have a different view, the Mayor is confident that McCarthy and his team will deal with that.
    This here is the "We don't like snitches" quote. Those of a differing view are "marked men" professionally, it seems, within CPD.
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    I read this this morning. The comments are enlightening. Best defense is offense, but not this time.

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    I want to see what the city will appeal on. This will help determine what their chances are for overturning the verdict....hence, if the city doesn't win...then the possibility of change internally is elevated. Time will tell.
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    From story SNIP:

    For Abbate’s part, his attorney Michael Malatesta said that the verdict was not a surprise.

    “We’ve all seen the video,” he said. “I think it was hard for the jurors to see past that.”

    And Ekl added, “Without the video there wouldn’t be a case — Abbate would still be a police officer.”

    This is why all citizens should carry some type of hidden video recording device. It's come to that in our "free land" where the watchers refuse to watch themselves.
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