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Thread: Post OC experiences on Facebook?

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    Post OC experiences on Facebook?

    So I was thinking....and you know what that brings


    One of the things I often hear from CCers when they find out I OC is "do you ever get hassled?". We post our OC experinces here for all to read but really we're preaching to the choir. Perhaps it would go farther if we all posted our daily OC non-experiences on our Facebook pages. If you're like me you have many other gun carriers in your friends list and they would see that generally nothing happens and the non-gun people will gain the knowledge that people, some of whom they know and care about, are out there legally carrying guns and that it's ok.

    Just a thought.

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    When I have had good audio from discussions while OCing in the wilds of the general public I've posted them online

    But my friends dont care, if its not about partying, women, or any combination of the two then it flies right by them. I credit it to them being young and not really carrying about anything else.
    The worst weapon is the human mind, its created and done things far worse than a gun can, has, or ever will. Its the human mind that tells the gun what to do and animates the inanimate object.

    With all these gun control laws in place I have yet to find a single one that has saved someones life, but I can find hundreds of stories where a gun has.

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    Great idea Bronson! We need to place our exploits (no matter how everyday, normal and even boring) out there for the masses to see. Then they will know it's ok to take their safety and their loves safety into their own hands. In my opinion, that is where it always should of been.
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