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Thread: Hi from a noobie

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    Hi from a noobie

    Hello to all. I have to confess now that I have had a CC permit for about 14yrs and have now started to Open Carry. You guys have given me great tips and ideas for the last year. I finally took my first step about 2mo. ago and have not looked back. My wife didn't like it at first, thinking I would get arrested but she has come around. I usually carry my Ruger p94 but this past weekend I got a Judge PD Ultra Lite. I just can't find a holster for it yet! Any ideas? Is anyone close to Lee Co.? Agin thaks for all your helpful tips, questions and stories.


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    gentle greetings and welcom to OC...

    while i shudder when i recommend this place might check WTs here in goldsboro or soverign and the one down the street from them in Fuquay-Varina

    again welcome and hope your holidays are spent w/loved ones...

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    I believe Hunter makes a holster for the judge. There is a good variety online. Glad your wife came around, I used to have a CHP and when they sent the packet to renew I filed it. I rarely CC'd, just found it a hassle, now I am opposed, at least for me, to paying for a right turned into a privilege. But CC is ok for others. My fear is the OC right being slipped into a privilege only with a permission slip. I will fight it with every effort I have.
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    I make no endorsement, except that the company is extremely reputable.

    Here is a quality leather pancake holster ($80) for a 2.5" Judge with 2" barrel:
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