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Thread: iTac Defense, anyone else use these things?

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    iTac Defense, anyone else use these things?

    I bought an iTac Defense holster for my CZ75B, and it sat in the box for a while because wouldn't actually lock my gun in. After a while debating on buying a new holster, I decided to take this one apart, and grind down the locking mechanism. Now it works fine. I also had to replace the pin that held the locking mechanism in with a screw, because the pin kept falling out..and my lock button would pop off.

    It's a great that I took it apart and changed some stuff about it lol.

    Anybody else have experience with these? It was the ONLY locking holster I could find for the CZ, some people said a few Beretta ones fit it but need slight modifications.
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    I have an iTac holster for my SA Champion and have never had a problem with it. It's comfortable, holds the gun securely, and releases as it should. The only fault that I've found is that I'm not especially fond of the location of the release button.
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