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Thread: Emporia Open Carry Ban Officially Challenged

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    Emporia Open Carry Ban Officially Challenged

    The Libertarian Party of KS has officially challenged Emporia’s open carry ban.

    If you live, work, or have dealings with Emporia please contact the Mayor and Council urging them to review their weapons ordinance and make changes that comply with state law and constitutional mandates.

    Remind them that there have been two KS Attorney General Opinions dealing with open carry and that Wichita and Overland Park recently changed their ordinances to comply with those opinions and state law.

    Please remember to be completely professional and respectful in your communications with our elected officials. Always list your name and address:

    Mayor Bobbi Mlynar

    Vice-Mayor Rob Gilligan


    Jim Kessler

    Kevin Nelson

    Joel Phipps

    To contact the commission call 620-343-4250

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    I'll be there Friday for a couple weeks and will get my long Time Emproria Bub Involved in this

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