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Thread: Hello Everybody

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    Hello Everybody

    I just join this site and I love all of the great info here, my name is George in live in Lakwood. I brought myself a springfield xdm .45 and I wanted to educate myself with the law. I'm also retired from the military with twenty-eight years so I know about guns but this is the first one I brought. I wanted one for home defend and going to the range, I do have a CCL but only will carry it to and from the ranges for now. I'm forward on learning some great info here because I know that knowledge is power, thank you guys and gals for having me on this awesome site.

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    Re: Hello Everybody

    Welcome to the forum. Always glad to see a fellow ocer in Lakewood. If you ever want to meet up just let me know.

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    Greetings from Port Orchard.

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    Welcome to WA OCDO! I lived in Lakewood for nearly 10 years so it's nice to see some new members from there.

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