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Thread: Proposed Changes to Oklahoma Weapons Law

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    Talking Proposed Changes to Oklahoma Weapons Law

    First off, let me say that I'm a Constitutionalist and absolutely believe that our Second Amendment Rights should not be infringed upon at all. I have a particular problem with Oklahoma's Self Defense Act when it comes to carrying a weapon into establishments that serve mainly alcohol. Here's my particular problem with it.

    I work in the insurance loss-control industry and have to visit all different types of business on a daily basis. Some places that I have to visit are taverns and bars and some of them are located in less than stellar neighborhoods to say the least. If I have an appointment at a bar during my workday, I have to just about disrobe in my truck to remove my concealed weapon to be in compliance with the law. The rub is the fact that usually I'm in before a bar's business hours, the bar is not open, not serving alcohol and no one is there but me and the owner or the manager. I'm also usually done and gone before the bar opens. I'm strictly there to conduct a loss-control visit just as I would be at any other kind of business. But, the way the law reads, I'm breaking the lawif I enter with my weapon whether they are open or not.

    My question is...Is there any possibility that legislation could be introduced to change part of the Self Defense Laws? My honest opinion is that if you're licensed that you should be allowed to carry anywhere you want. Unfortunately, I don't think that's ever gonna happen.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Proposed Changes to Oklahoma Weapons Law

    Alcohol and guns don't because your working .there were 3 murders out side one bar in Lawton over a few months time frame.there is a threat of a local gang trying to rob a local gun shop how big of balls do you need to pull that off? People are crazy

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    I would contact Tim with OK2A, Oklahoma Second Amendment Association. He is working on some other wording to propose as changes. He could probably help you with the wording and possibly incorporate it in with his recommended changes.
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    The law should never ban carry on any private property; that decision should be the property owner's decision alone.

    Examples from various states where the state arrogates this power to itself include bars, banks, restaurants where any alcohol is consumed at all, churches, private homes (unless you seek and gain permission first), private schools, polling places on private property, any place that charges admission, any place where gambling takes places, or even anywhere that "crowds" gather.

    As for fixing the SDA on this specific issue, the most likely way to get it fixed is to make it not applicable unless the party is consuming alcohol. If they're not, leave them alone.

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