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Thread: OKOCA: Regarding Ethan Sisson and his Open Carry Arrest

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    OKOCA: Regarding Ethan Sisson and his Open Carry Arrest

    Oklahoma Open Carry leadership is in contact with Mr. Sisson. Ethan Sisson is not among our membership, but we do have a degree of interest in his case. Ethan is not currently in jail, and still has a valid SDA license. He has retained legal counsel, and we will not be discussing the specifics of his case except to whatever degree that his attorney expressly allows. Whatever individual opinions people have about the advisability of Mr. Sisson's choices when it came to his actions on Election Day, it is still not definitively clear to us whether Mr. Sisson has actually broken any law.

    The news report on News9 contained, not surprisingly, a significant number of factual errors. OKOCA will not be divulging information that would correct these factual errors, again, unless his attorney specifically authorizes the release of this information.

    The purpose of this post is to ask that the "armchair quarterbacking" stop. Please take a moment to place yourself in his position. If you had an incident of any kind involving a firearm, would you want to be judged publicly based on nothing more than whatever the police happened to tell the media? I know I wouldn't. I'd be especially disappointed if the very group of people whose rights I thought I was standing up for proceeded to throw me under the bus in a very public manner.

    Please... let this process take it's course. Please don't discuss "facts" which are not in evidence. Public scorn for someone who may have been fighting for your rights is, at best, counterproductive. None of us really know all of the facts. What we do know is that this is something of a test case that could serve to clarify the law, one way or the other.

    Bryan Hull
    Oklahoma Open Carry Association
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    Well said...hope all turns out well for him!

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