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Thread: Greater Rich OC breakfast @ Goden Corral Providence Rd & Midlo Tpke 9:30 AM 11/24/12

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    Greater Rich OC breakfast @ Goden Corral Providence Rd & Midlo Tpke 9:30 AM 11/24/12

    We're doing breakfast on Saturday again - seems like it's getting to be a regular thing.

    Golden Corral on Providence Road at Midlothian Turnpike.

    The weather person says it's going to be chilly, so wear your longjohns if you plan to stand/sit around outside before or after. Gloves might be a good idea, too.

    Let me point out that rumor has it there is a lot to be discussed and that much of it is actually interesting.

    stay safe.
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    Ill be there
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    Greater Richmond OC Breakfast - Sat. 11/24, 9:30 AM

    Golden Corral Restaurant
    11 South Providence Road........Directions
    (804) 320-5078

    Expedition debriefing and topo rendering of the maneuvers occurring on Friday past.

    BTW - the Surrey House is still open, rumors to the contrary.
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    I'm gonna try!

    If I don't make it, give Grapeshot a pat on the back. He got the job done usual!
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