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Thread: Red Dawn review, from a Washingtonian's perspective.

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    Red Dawn review, from a Washingtonian's perspective.

    So after reading the thread earlier today, I went and saw the remake of Red Dawn, now I entered the movie with an open mind, but nevertheless the original was much better then this remake. Despite its setting in Spokane (and yet not a single Ponderosa Pine in sight) It's a Spokane that I don't recognize (yes I've been there many times) and frankly you get the feeling they just chose some town by tossing a dart at a map of CONUS and made it up to their specifications, because they get next to nothing right except WA license plates and using authentic Spokane Police Patches for one of the scenes.

    Some things below may be considered spoilers, you've been warned.

    The thing that I disliked the most was the removal of the right wing political slant from the movie, in the first movie the main characters are these high school students, who of course are native to Colorado and seem pretty immersed in the outdoors culture and hunting and stuff like that... that is to some degree removed. Jed Eckert is no longer a Colorado country boy on his senior year of high school, he's now a seasoned US Marine Combat veteran who's caring widower father is an honest working Spokane Police Sgt. While these character changes do not take away from the movie, they eliminate the message of the original Red Dawn which was a glorification of civilian gun ownership, with the characters now LE and active duty Military it kind plays in to the Anti-message that it's ok for cops and soldiers to own guns. The (in)famous scene in the first Red Dawn where the invader's CO orders his men to seize the bound books from the local gun stores is also missing. while gun ownership still plays into the plot, it's not in the same glorified manner as the first movie.

    The biggest problem is the lack of geographical context of the area portrayed. The dry forests of the Spokane area with pines and mountain hemlocks now look like the somewhat temperate forests of the east coast, While a handful of screen shots are of the authentic spokane skyline, and one accurate image of the freeway interchange where I-90 meets US-195, most of the town is made up, prominent spokane landmarks such as Riverside Park or Fairchild Air Force Base are never mentioned. This kind of frustrated me near the end where a group of U.S. Marines link up with the "wolverines" Why not a group of AF Security Policemen or SERE operators (the main SERE school is at Fairchild)? from where did the marines come? are there even any marines stationed in the Northwest area?

    It really made me madder then that movie starring The Rock that featured Kitsap County a few years ago, "walking tall" I think they called it?

    Another change is the lack of humanity in the opposing forces. Everyone can remember Col Bella, the cuban officer from the first Red Dawn who seemed sympathetic to the guerilla fighters, but there exists no emotion in the DPRK forces, in fact they may as well be robots.

    While the movie was entertaining and had a great cast with first class acting, the delivery sucked and the plot was extremely weak. if you spend the 9 bucks to see it, watch it for the gunfire, because everything that made the first red dawn so great has been PC'd or removed out of this movie..

    and just to sound more like a critic
    2/5 stars
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    That was kind of why I was not interested in seeing this new one.

    The old one could have been improved and remade but from what I was hearing in the non MS Media, was about what you had described.

    I don't have to agree with you on many things to trust your assessment of this movie.
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    I'm not surprised, China was PC'd out too. The original intent of the remake was to update the movie for relevance to today's teens. China being the big bad of today, it was supposed to make you think "oh ****, this could actually happen."

    I'm fine with them using Korea, but it really doesn't have the same effect that China would. A lot of people mock the idea of Korea being able to invade the U.S., but I don't agree with the criticism.

    Take Homefront for example. It's a video game that was, at least in part, written by the same guy that wrote Red Dawn(original). They used Korea as the aggressors, a lot of people mocked this plot element. I don't think they really paid any attention to the actual background info, though. Homefront is set in an alternate universe, where the US has suffered a crushing economic meltdown(much like Red Dawn). The two Koreas are reunited in Homefront and with China's backing, are able to become an economic powerhouse. To be completely honest with you, Homefront's plot is far more realistic than that of many action flicks today. Which is all Homefront really is anyway, an action flick for gamers.

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    Horrible Movie

    The original Red Dawn was implausible but believable.

    The emotions seemed real. In this new PC melting pot version Darryl lives? WTF? Killing him showed the horrors of war.
    In the original they didn't kill until after witnessing civilians being killed by the occupying force, in this one they start killing immediately. Or was it after their dad was shot, now I'm not sure anymore.

    The speech by their dad was just stupid. Asking his boys to kill for him so early in the movie. It made more sense when he was locked up in the original.

    You're young EMN, to me this was destruction of my history.

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    The problem is the director and producers. So many of them take what they call artistic liberty. The problem there is they are not very artistic and too politically correct now a days. Also very few remakes come out nearly as good as the original movie. I'll wait till it is on tv. LOL I am sure I saw all the best parts in the commercial any way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ca Patriot View Post
    I am pretty sure the new upcoming freedom fighters in America have learned alot from insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Tactics employed will be very similiar. I am refering to a revolution and not against an invading force.
    Still a few jungle fighters out there, old, we may be, that remember how to set up a perimeter and keep the wolves at bey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMNofSeattle View Post
    Everyone can remember Col Bella, the cuban officer from the first Red Dawn who seemed sympathetic to the guerilla fighters, but there exists no emotion in the DPRK forces,
    Movie did make that col. to be favorable in the movie (he hates the ruskies)...but I still would disembowel him in a second .. letting Swayze get away like that ... I hate that actor .. but this was his best movie (I could watch without feeling the need to disembowel myself).

    Now it appears as if they made this into a pro-fascist movie and slapped our flag on it ....
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