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Thread: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office removes live shotgun shell from plane

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    Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office removes live shotgun shell from plane

    Really, disposing of ammunition because it was found on an aircraft? Are people really things dumb (ok, so this is a rhetorical question)? There are well an excess of 300 million firearms in the country and Lord knows how much ammunition. It just does "go off." In fact, here's proof!

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    Oh my goodness! A shotgun shell? Did they call in the EOD team?
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    Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office removes live shotgun shell from plane

    TSA prob thought it was a lipstick or something. Hah.

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    "It was in someone's seat. They walked through security maybe in their pocket. That's scary," traveler Kim Bearry said.

    Read more:

    Come-on...we know how it got there. It was in a block of cheese....the person who ate it likely just burped it up and did not notice.

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    Got to love. Find a couple of dollar or less shell and spend thousands on man hour time and "disposal" unit time to eliminate the threat. This flight was going to DETROIT. They are lucky they didn't find a bazooka!

    Oh such panic over so little...
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