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Thread: Seeking someone of Authority with LoneStarCDL.

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    Seeking someone of Authority with LoneStarCDL.

    My Name is Aaron Heath, and I host a small podcast where the general subject is the carrying of arms and anything related. I personally think that Open Carry meets those criteria and I would like to establish contact with someone of authority from Lone Star CDL.

    I hate to make requests in public but every attempt I have made so far has not gotten viable results. I tried the web forms on the LSCDL website, they were broken at the time. I tried an email address I found somewhere and it was invalid. I left a message on their facebook page and got a response there, I replied and have heard nothing back. After that I tried the web form again, after leaving the message it took me to an empty page, so I assume the webform is still broken. Now I really want to get someone with the authority to represent LSCDL on the podcast, and I know that they want to get their message out so lets talk.

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    I am in, but I can't speak with any authority. I'll ask around and see what happens.

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    I'm surprised you've been experiencing so much trouble getting in touch with our leadership & for that I apologize. I'd planned on calling Douglas this evening so I'll mention your request while I've got him on the phone. I'm sure he'll want to get in touch with you & discuss things.

    I'd normally be more than happy to do something like this with you as it sounds like a great opportunity, but 15hr days for 4 weeks straight leaves just enough time for dinner & a shower before bed....

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