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Thread: Controversy and Woubded warrior project.

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    Controversy and Woubded warrior project.

    The flap began when Gun Talk host Tom Gresham learned to his astonishment that WWP was turning down his request for an interview on his program to help boost support for the project from American gun owners. According to my colleague, David Codrea and The Daily Caller, Gresham was advised that “WWP does not co-brand, create cause marketing campaigns or receive a percentage or a portion of proceeds from companies in which the product or message is sexual, political or religious in nature, or from alcohol or firearms companies

    Essentially, the Wounded Warrior Project’s stance is that it does not want to be seen kissing us after it is done poking us?

    WWP bans any religiously affiliated organization as well—WWP lumps it in the same category as, guns, knives, sex and alcohol; although WWP has held fundraisers at the Playboy Mansion in the past.

    I have decided to drop my support of the Wounded Warrior Project, but NOT for those it serves.

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    They are an anti-gun organization ...

    And United Way pays for abortions ..

    Many organizations sound to be fine upstanding organizations ... looks deceive

    A just ask for their books .. when they refuse, I refuse to donate.

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    Simple if they are 501(c)(3) then they are not smart enough to receive any money from me.
    Provision for free medical attendance and nursing, for clothing, for food, for housing, for the education of children, and a hundred other matters, might with equal propriety be proposed as tending to relieve the employee of mental strain and worry. --- These matters obviously lie outside the orbit of congressional power. (Railroad Retirement Board v Alton Railroad)

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