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Thread: My trip to Arizona and Sky Harbor International

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    My trip to Arizona and Sky Harbor International

    So, again I travelled to AZ for a week. I drove, but I had to pick my mother in law up at Phoenix Sky Harbor. I went inside the airport to the luggage carousel area and open carried for about 20 minutes. While a cop on a bycicle inside the arrival area saw me and rode by me a couple times he never talked to me and everybody went about their business as they should. I carried very visibly my G17. The whole week I was in the Scottsdale area and also went to Sedona and the Grand Cannyons. Except in alcohol serving establishments I open carried the whole time without any incidents. I love Arizona and I want to move in the hilly area North East of North Scottsdale. Anyone familiar with that area?

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    Glad you like AZ

    Thats a wonderful area ! Kind of pricey

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    Quote Originally Posted by alinphx View Post
    Thats a wonderful area ! Kind of pricey
    ^^^ this. Cave Creek & Carefree are both very, very nice towns. Not many open carriers that I've seen.


    Above link will give you an idea of the happenings in the area.
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    I'm glad you had an uneventful open carry visit. AZ is very OC friendly by-and-large.

    There was a Phoenix PD lieutenant, in charge of Sky Harbor, who posted here a few years ago. According to his posts, PhxPD is well versed in the legalities of Airport Carry, and follow the law.

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