Well, the Easter Washington is long lost again, so I will do a North Central carry thread.

Took my wife to the eye doctor today down in Omak...I guess we will be dealing with cataracts here soon, but the good news is, If Dr Hartkorn or his receptionist noticed, they said nothing. The patient before Gloria said nothing, and the patient waiting for the next appointment talked to us, but also said nothing about my carry. Very compitent Dr, hard to get an appointmet, a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for....

Ayway, it is normal for here for no-one to notice, or say anything if they do... this thread is just to give incouragement to those that have a bit of anxiety.

Then, as we were down in Omak, we also stopped by the Indian Smoke Shop, the Indian Gas Station, and Wal-Mart. I wanted to stop at Big R, but wifey wanted to go home, it was snowing when we left so she was a bit concerned...we went home. Have to make a good trip of it when we go down there...80+ miles RT.