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Thread: UNR Sagebrush article on Campus Carry in Nevada

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    UNR Sagebrush article on Campus Carry in Nevada

    Good article except for that lying POS Assemblyman Horne saying he didn't bring it up for a vote because the votes weren't there. We had the bipartisan votes to get it out of committee. and howevermuch he implies otherwise it WAS NOT "his" bill.

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    Ass Horne is bloodguilty of every rape and violent crime on campus since, if the victim would otherwise have been armed. There are many students and professors with CCW permits.

    Why bother to have a Legislature if Ass Horne can just tell us whether or not a bill would be approved? Does Ass Horne bother to disclose that he is an Adjunct Professor at UNLV and should have excused himself from any involvement with the bill?

    Without advocating the breaking of any laws, make sure all the students you know know that if you have a permit, carrying on campus is only a misdemeanor, not a felony like it would be without a permit. After all, there are bloodguilty people on campus.
    "It's not important how many people I've killed. What's important is how I get along with the people who are still alive" - Jimmy the Tulip

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