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Thread: Bianchi Holster

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    Bianchi Holster

    I bought this Bianchi Model 59 paddle holster for OC and I've had it for almost a month now. It's more "friendly and fashionable" than my Blackhawk Serpa lvl 2 CQC. I had a major issue with the paddle being two separate plastic pieces (plastic that attaches to holster and actual paddle) and the retaining nuts kept loosening themselves. I got some new metal nuts and cranked it down nice and tight and it has stayed so far.
    The price was a bit steep in my opinion *First leather holster purchase so not much to compare it to* at $90 and took a couple weeks for delivery from Bianchi/Holster World site, but it came with a nice Safariland baseball cap and a window sticker.
    Good stuff about the holster, The holster and paddle are extremely comfortable. Took me a couple days to get used to widening my turn radius because it doesn't feel much different than my IWB so I would turn and catch the but of my pistol on corners lol. The leather and stitching are very well made. I'm pretty rough on my holsters as the are worn almost 24/7 but no cracking in the leather or fraying of the stitching. The weapon is secure with the retaining strap. I've run short distances just to test the paddle (after fixing the screws) and retaining strap, It's not going anywhere. The thumb break took some getting used to again since the last time I used one was my original issued duty holster. It snaps free clean and isn't too tough. I would recommend it if you want a "non-tactical" looking OC holster.
    Now I have 150rds and am headed to the range!
    Picture: Bianchi Model 59 Special Agent with my Springfield XD .40 V-10 (Mrs. Jones)
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    I have a Bianchi accumold paddle, #7500. I like it also. I did have trouble with the screw loosening up but I tightened them down super tight and all has been good for over a yr now. I will use loc-tite next time. It has a thumb break and I was worried the snap would rub the finish so I put a self stick felt pad on it.
    This was the only left hand paddle I could get for mine. $75.

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