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Thread: Our "friends" in IL prison, write them if you wish

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    Our "friends" in IL prison, write them if you wish

    Just for grins, tell 'em how much you enjoy your rights and freedoms, I'm sure they would like to read all about them.

    Two staunchly anti-gun Illinois governors (the last two governors in Illinois, actually) are currently residing at Club Fed. Please donít forget them in your Christmas greeting card list!
    We recommend sending a photo of you enjoying your freedom (and freedoms) and a nice letter letting them know how nice it is in the world outside their concrete walls and the fences surrounding their current accommodations.
    A few minor rules, like, for instance, donít send money or stamps, not that you would. No sexually explicit material, of course. And nothing too fancy or ornateÖ keep it simple. A card and a letter. We recommend the dollar store for a card, where they have a two for a dollar section. Worth more than that either of these men, but just letting them know they arenít forgotten is worth a lot.
    Yeah, these guys used to have security details.
    Now the security details around them are there for an entirely different reason.
    ROD BLAGOJEVICH Ė 40892-424
    LITTLETON, CO 80123

    GEORGE H RYAN SR 16627-424
    P.O. BOX 33
    TERRE HAUTE, IN 47808

    The rules (emphasis added):
    Here is some additional information on inmate mail. Inmates are not allowed to receive stamps, postage meter strips, or envelopes with pre-paid postage metering. Inmates are required to purchase all postage through the institutionís Commissary. Inmates are allowed to send international correspondence, information from the U.S. Postal Service on international mailing costs is provided to the inmates. Inmate wishing to corresponded with immediate family members who are also incarcerated, must have prior approval from both facilities prior to corresponding. Sending or receipt of directly addressed unauthorized inmate to inmate correspondence or that sent through a third party can result in disciplinary action and restrictions of correspondence privileges. Inmates may receive up to 25 photos daily, no Polaroid or sexually explicit material. Inmates can receive standard sized greeting cards, must be non-musical. Inmates are not allowed to receive blank greeting cards or stationary; they again may purchase these through the institutionís Commissary. Cards with stickers, foam decorations, or other items attached to the card could result in the card being returned, as proper inspection/searching of the card could cause excessive damage to the card due to the affix items. Inmates may also receive up to five magazines (no sexually explicit material) or paperback books per day. Paperback books sent in a package must have the contents clearly annotated on the outside of the box (IEÖ 5 paperback books enclosed in accordance with BOP policy), and only the books may be in the package. Books, magazines, and photos are the basic items which an inmate may receive from family and friends. Inmates may receive hard covered books (no padded covers, no enclosed CD/DVD) and/or newspapers only from a publisher, distributor, or book seller (IEÖ, Walden Blank journals, diaries, address books, daily planners, card stock, construction paper, hobby craft materials or sketch books are not authorized for receipt. Inmates also cannot receive any food items, clothing or electronic media (CD, DVD, flash drives, etcÖ).
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    I think Ryan asked to get out early and was denied. But he gets out in a few weeks ... go to the prison and pick him up ..

    Don't forget to tell him "don't worry, I have a CDL from Illinois, so you know I am not going to get a passenger killed by my driving..hold on tight Georgie"

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