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Thread: Its the Benny Hill show ... har -- cops left guy in unlocked squad/keys in it ..

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    Its the Benny Hill show ... har -- cops left guy in unlocked squad/keys in it ..

    “He was able to roll down the back window,” said Lieutenant J.P. Bevering. “He’s a very skinny individual and was able to slide out the back window.”

    See the vid ...

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    Heh, heh, heh.

    Years ago I noticed a deputy left the car running in winter. I asked if he ever locked the keys inside by accident. He lifted a key ring with a spare. Then he told me an amusing tale.

    He once arrested a fellow and put him unattended in the cruiser. With the engine running. The accused didn't drive off like the OP story. Oh, no. This one did something much more calculated to annoy--he locked all the doors. The deputy demanded he unlock one. Nope. Just a big smug smile. This was the incident that convinced the deputy to carry a spare key. I half wonder if embarrassment at having to call the lieutenant influenced the decision.

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