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    My wife and I need to take the Missouri CCW course.
    I have a non resident Florida CCW, but would like to add Missouri.
    The problem is we live in Eolia, MO and can't find anyone conducting the course.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    We live 20 miles north of Troy, MO or 35 miles south of Hannibal.

    M Karns

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    Try posting this in the Missouri forum. I'm sure someone will be able to help you there.
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    Code 3 Shooters is where I went and got my CCW. Might be a drive for you, as it's here in Independence (close to KC), but, the class is only $80, so it's cheaper than most.
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    It's not really that long of a drive for you to go to St. Louis. What, a bit more than an hour? Do you have a local gun/pawn shop? Ask them. They'll probably know of any nearby instructors.
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