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    Hb 495

    I went to the hearing. What a colossal waste of my time.

    The hearing got started an hour late broke for a couple of hours after an hour and is scheduled to resume at 7pm. At that time, they will take up business way out of order and not get to what they should have at about 3:30, HB 495, until tomorrow morning, when I have to be at work.

    Instead, they focused on a lot of insider crap, like whether or not to eliminate a judgeship, insiders talking overlong on something they could have said in three minutes. My remarks would have said more than any one of them said in their twenty minute speeches, and I would have taken 30 seconds.

    Anyway, here is what I was going to say:

    The RKBA is a right and not a privilege. Therefore it cannot be licensed. I already can carry without a license in Ohio--until I get into my car. Then I lose my right and it becomes a licensed privilege.

    This bill relaxes the onerous requirements to be followed when carrying in a car unlicensed, but still does not allow free exercise of the RKBA completely.

    The bill is a step in the right direction, but does not go far enough. We should pass this bill, but immediately begin working on a bill that treats one's car as an extension of his home, where he may exercise his right to carry unfettered by law or license.

    One upside, I got to meet Chuck and some of the other 2A warriors. That was good.

    The politicians and their preference for insiders over citizens sucked.

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    HB 495 was signed by the Governor on 12/20/12. According to the Secretary of State's web site the law takes effect 3/27/13. This law makes major changes to Ohio's legal definition of "unloaded" for purposes of transporting a firearm in a motor vehicle.

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