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Thread: Soliciting your input on an Advanced Carry class...

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    Question Soliciting your input on an Advanced Carry class...

    The following topics are covered in Advanced Pistol, a four-session series spanning about 25 hours of instruction. This series will resume in February 2013. Enrollment will be open to those with pistol experience (permit holders, those who’ve completed NRA Basic Pistol, or those who have at least one year of experience shooting handguns). I would really appreciate your input on these topics through the survey link toward the bottom of this posting!

    • Calling for help
    • Cover vs. concealment, and shooting from cover
    • Defending against a knife attack
    • Firearms and your vehicle; defense against carjacking, etc.
    • First aid for gunshot wounds
    • Handling multiple attackers
    • Handling the aftermath: legal, psychological, family concerns, etc
    • Issuing commands to the attacker
    • On-street role play scenarios
    • Proper shooting technique and posture for defensive shooting
    • Recovering from Pistol Malfunctions
    • Reloads, and Reloads with one hand
    • Shooting from unorthodox positions: kneeling, sitting, knocked down on the ground, around corners
    • Shooting while moving
    • Shooting with only the weak hand
    • Un-holstering and getting the first shot on target
    • Using a flashlight tactically
    • Ways of death: stairways, hallways, and doorways … and slicing the pie
    • Weapon retention
    • What to do when police arrive
    • When you cannot shoot; and what do you do when you cannot shoot?

    Whether you might take the course itself or not, please take a couple minutes to let us know which of these topics interest you MOST through this brief survey:
    We appreciate your input!

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