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Thread: Why carry a gun? Get a job edition.....

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    Why carry a gun? Get a job edition.....

    So teens ask adult for smoke, happens every day, nothing out of the ordinary, however the woman asked tells the cancer-teen to "Get a job." This must've hurt the kid's feelings, so he shot and killed the woman their on the spot.

    it seems one of the teens pulled the trigger, the other claims he was hanging out with the wrong kid at the wrong time.

    it kind of reminds me of the thread awhile back in "true tales of self defense".... I think it was "gangbanger looks down my .45 barrel" it seems these days you simply cannot be rude to people even if they deserve it, it can lead to attacks, and if you're not ready for one then you're in bad shape. but I'm preaching to the choir here.

    be safe.
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    Re: Why carry a gun? Get a job edition.....

    Ahh yes, the Frito Bandito story.

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    A lot of youths are taught that being disrespected is a huge offense to them.

    Instead of being taught that they should respect others it is just the other way.

    Feral youths can place one in great danger, as with dealing with ay dangerous animal care needs to be taken around them.
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