"My attorney commented that it was much harder to defend someone that was innocent than someone that was guilty. I refused all plea offers and insisted on CLEARING my good name! Not just that the charges were dropped, but that the judge dismissed the charges with predjudice (the DA tried to "not go forward at this time".) Of course, the local newspaper didn't want to hear from me about that, not like how eager they were to be in court to see me charged and report it in the paper."

This snip from another thread and posted by okboomer got me thinking about our relationship with local media (national and international are already hopeless).

What, if anything, can we do to get local outlets to publicize our positive outcomes as quickly as they publicize our arrests and convictions? If they spread our good names all over the news, "Local gun owner charged with......." and then refuse to cover the acquittal, is there any legal recourse?

I would really prefer to have a non-adversarial relationship with local media, but neither do I want to see them free to malign someone's good name.