While perusing craigslist one day, I found an ad for CFBG co-op. It's an art studio and record store. Well, it just so happened that I had close to 100 vinyl records I was looking to get rid of before I move. I figured I'd head down there, unload my records, make a little money and call it a day. Well, CFBG is located on Chapman street near UNCG and I open carry around that area all the time.
So I walk in, G19 in a strong side serpa, and start talking to the guy behind the counter who seemed a bit too eager to help me. after talking to him for a minute I turned and he noticed my sidearm. he got all wide eyed and began stuttering: "What the?! You can't have that in here! Get that s**t out of here! Come on man..." So I apologized and walked back to my car. I was absolutely floored because this was the first adverse reaction I've gotten to my firearm. My wife walked in to speak to him and a few minutes later he came out to apologize to me and see what records I had for him. "Sorry man, I didnt mean to freak out like that. I wasnt trying to be disrespectful. We have an ABC permit and it startled me. My brother has a concealed carry permit and I'm not opposed to firearms. You really scared me and I almost pi**ed my pants" i apologized for startling him, we finished our transaction and I left.

I dunno what my wife said to him, but it brought him to his senses! Apparently, they have an ABC permit because they do wine tasting events and things of the sort. I guess if I had gone to their website I would have noticed that and saved myself the trouble. On a separate note, aren't they required to post their ABC permit conspicuously with their business permit?

How would you guys have handled it? Did I handle it correctly? I didn't have any open carry pamphlets with me at the time or he would have received one.

Thanks for your responses!