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Thread: After the Newton CT shooting I posted on FB...

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    After the Newtown CT shooting I posted on FB...

    On a fairly new Facebook page Gun Owners, I posted the following with this pic (borrowed from another FB page).
    I thought I would get a couple of comments, but it's really turned into a debate, thought you folks might enjoy reading it.
    There's a few one liners from both sides without facts / cites / or wanting to discuss, but most of the (longer) comments are good and make you think.
    Still haven't had anyone make an alternative suggestion that could be effective.

    Here's my OP:

    To Newtown, Connecticut, our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of tragedy, we mourn with you for your loss.

    I just wish that the office staff had one or two handgun carriers, they could have stopped him (or pinned him down) at the front office before he got to the classroom. We all share your pain and grief at this tragedy, but blame the person not the tool used. You can't regulate or litigate crazy, but returned fire can and will stop crazy.

    To those who are already screaming for more gun control from Obama, that only makes it easier and safer for the crazy bad guys out there.

    Obama must speak up and require 10% of all teachers and 50% of administrative staff at all schools be armed and allocate federal funds for initial and annual refresher tactical training of those volunteers. Schools need the ability to respond in an instant to any active shooters that gain entrance to our kids schools.

    A no weapons sign on a door or a anti-gun law will not stop evil or crazy, but good people will if given the chance.

    I included this pic: Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm not pasting the entire debate here, but it's an interesting read, here's the LINK
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