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Thread: OC and CCW discussions going crazy on "patches"

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    OC and CCW discussions going crazy on "patches"

    Many areas of Missouri are covered by local reporters with something called "Patch". If you google or what ever search for the name of your town/city/area with the words "Patch" you might find yours.... Here is an example of what my area patch had today, and many others are posting in a like manner:
    If you pull it, you use it. If you pull it and you don't use it, you've done some thing wrong and you might not get another chance. Think about it before you pack it!
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    Boy oh boy

    Man this patch news feed is being going crazy.. Here is an example of one of my post to a 66 y/o man lashing out at guns and their danger in mass quantity in our society.

    Don, I will try to respect you as you are a fellow human and my elder. Your comments do show a large amount of ignorance on this topic. By this I mean lack of gun education! Since there invention guns have been prevalent in our society. You would not ask our military and police to disarm? They defend you right? Many citizens since 1985 have also protected you and you were not aware. This protection comes in the form of the educated an trained public allowed to carry concealed weapons. If you watch local news you will not find the countless times when armed citizens have stopped crimes with said weapons. The main stream media will NOT report these incidents. Because half of Americans own guns a significant number of them also carry concealed. You just don't know because you don't see them. Cities with gun bans like Chicago IL, New York have higher assault crime rates. Do your own research on this topic please. Also the response time of the police is never as fast as a fellow human with a concealed weapon. In closing every nation to disarm its public has resulted in loss of its rights, freedoms, and life. There has to be a balance, a equalizer to oppose tyranny at the very least. Please educate yourself Don.

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