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Thread: Take the Lead TEXAS

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    Take the Lead TEXAS

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    "On stage with Perry were several Republican legislators who comprise what Perry called “the most conservative Legislature in the 28 years that I have served in Austin, Texas.”


    Well, neither Perry nor that "most conservative Legislature" has helped get OPEN CARRY here in the "Great" State of Texas. So far, Perry has only been a follower.

    But since people CAN change, I hope HE does...and of course, I hope that "most conservative Legislature" PASSES OC during this next coming legislative session -- 2013.

    IMO, it should have passed YEARS ago...and the longer it's put off, the harder it's going to be if mass-shooting incidents like we've been seeing lately continue (as they probably will).
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    I would suggest that rather than attempting to shield our children from the reality that the public schools are not the bubble of safety that we might like to imagine - we should be open to ideas that THEY MAY HAVE CONSIDERED, and INCLUDE THEM- the potential victims of these whacked out shooters - in any discussions of how best to PROTECT THEM.

    They are already discussing this among themselves - while we naively engage in fruitless efforts to shield them from reality about the world we ALL live in.

    Our 10 year old granddaughter showed us how to use our new fangled cell phones. She also has some thoughts and opinions on how best to PROTECT HERSELF when she is at her school. She says she would break a window with her desk and run for it. She also says her school has 6 exits - BUT the students are all LOCKED IN like convicts. Maybe we need to re-think this " lock down " approach. Maybe the kids and teachers would be better served with EMERGENCY EXITS in every classroom rather than "lock down" procedures.

    Many of the children in Newton, CT who survived - did so by running AWAY from the school - Hello ??? Anyone paying attention ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rushcreek2 View Post
    Many of the children in Newton, CT who survived - did so by running AWAY from the school - Hello ??? Anyone paying attention ?
    Probably not the right people.
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