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Thread: Tell the VA Dept. of Emerg. Mgmt. how to stop school shootings

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    Tell the VA Dept. of Emerg. Mgmt. how to stop school shootings

    The VA Dept of emergency Management is apparently soliciting ideas on how to make schools safer on their FB page. Let's give them some ideas!

    My suggestion to them was to BAN GUN FREE MURDER ZONES.

    Their contact email:
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    Here's a thought.

    Currently, the practice is to either flee the school building (they call it evacuate) or shelter in place, depending on the threat.

    If the building is on fire, they evacuate. If they're being fired upon, they shelter in place.

    In the first instance, the danger is in the building, making it unsafe.

    In the second instance, the danger is in the building, making it unsafe.

    I think they are confused about when to "stand your ground".
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    I would suggest making it against the law to bring a gun onto school grounds and also a law that would allow them to put up signs like "no guns" ...

    Oh wait, that did not work ...

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    Maybe they can have the security at the White House and Congress, They can have 6 armed body guards like Mayor Bloomburg or the Secret Service like the prez......n/a

    The goverment thinks putting up a sign is good enough for the children but not for them.

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    How to Stop School Shootings in Virginia

    Crazy people and guns generally don't mix. We want to keep our guns so we should put all of our crazy people on a bus with a one way ticlet to Rhamastan (Chicago) or to Barryland (DC) or to Bloom Berg (New York)

    Seriously though, this sort of risk is very low on the probability scale. There are much more likely scenarios than multiple school shootings that threaten our children. Drive by in the hood is much more likely to kill children.

    If you really want an answer to this problem, eliminate victim disarmament zones and let the sheepdogs be sheepdogs.
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    I find it curious that we rightly acknowledge that we can't pass laws to protect us from terrorists. We therefore don't try to pass (more) laws banning weapons (of any kind) and instead enforce a weapon free zone where it matters. For instance an airport or nuclear plant. Why is it that we ignore this common sense approach and instead indulge in magical thinking. The answer is really to use security screening for all that enter a school rather than magically make the weapons disappear. Besides it would have the added benefit of providing a drug free environment. Naw! We must "appear" to do something about this even if it is just selling false security.

    My solution is to install a school resource officer at that door. Also something like an airlock type arrangement where only one door can be open at a time. Bad guys get in but they don't get out BTW I would be ok with shooting them too.

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    More laws aren't going to stop crazy people, criminals or terrorists from doing the evil things they do. Armed teachers, staff members and parents are the only logical response.

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