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Thread: Vaccinations as a model for eliminating gun free zones

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    Vaccinations as a model for eliminating gun free zones

    Vaccinations as a model for eliminating gun free zones
    Brian G. Jeffs, MS, CPG
    Director of Research MOC, Inc.

    The idea of allowing more guns in schools as a solution to preventing the mass slaughter of children seems counterintuitive. But then so did the vaccination theory. The idea of injecting the very thing that causes disease into a healthy person seemed preposterous.

    This crazy idea of taking a dead or weakened virus and injecting it into a healthy person so that antibodies would be produced seemed impossible. The idea though, was that the weakened or dead virus would promote the production of a specific antibody for that virus. Then if a healthy person was exposed to that particular virus the antibodies would overtake and destroy them thereby protecting the host from harm.

    And it works, it works very well. Vaccinations have saved millions of lives since its inception and it continues to do so today. Smallpox, polio and measles have killed more children, than any mass murderer.

    So letís apply that theory to gun free zones. Letís imagine a school is a host body, a person so to speak, and the virus is a deranged killer that somehow gets into the host body and starts killing it. If the host is unprotected, i.e., no antibodies, then the host could die.

    Now, letís inject some harmless viruses, letís say lawfully carried guns into the host body, guns like viruses can harm a host. But what if these harmless viruses (lawful guns) were carried by lawful citizen, like teachers, parents and staff? Well then, these people become like antibodies, ready to attack any harmful viruses that may prey upon the host body. These antibodies (lawfully armed citizens) are now in a position to protect the host body by neutralizing the harmful viruses.

    Like vaccinations, allowing lawful people to carry guns in schools could save countless children from slaughter. The idea of allowing lawful gun carries into schools and other gun free zones may seem counterintuitive but so did the idea of vaccination. Vaccinations have saved countless million and so too would eliminating gun free zones.
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    *The information contained above is not meant to be legal advice, but is solely intended as a starting point for further research. These are my opinions, if you have further questions it is advisable to seek out an attorney that is well versed in firearm law.

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    That's a great analogy, consider it stolen for use.
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