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Thread: Wanted: gun-friendly and news-savvy family in Virginia Beach VA area.

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    Wanted: gun-friendly and news-savvy family in Virginia Beach VA area.

    Just received the following:

    Hi Bob,
    I am a TV reporter with ABC News Nightline national doing a story about families who are big believers in the 2nd amendment. Do you know any pro-gun bars and restaurants in Virginia ? I would like to profile a family that has guns and proudly carries into bars and restaurants tonight and tomorrow in Virginia.
    Dan Lieberman
    ABC News

    I will be in Virginia Beach tonight and can drive up to 2 hours anywhere in Virginia. Want to interview a family with ARs and hunting rifles. Go to the range as a family. Typical way of life who can speak to the importance of gun ownership.

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    Bad Idea- Regardless of what you do or how you act they will edit it to make you look like a red neck piece of trash. The news channels have an agenda and will do anything to push it.

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    Ah, but maybe a family like mine WOULD be a positive spin...I have a good Govvie job, don't dress like a "redneck". My wife and I shoot together with the extended family, which are all Govvie/Govie contractors at a Military range. No BS, or silly crap goes on...I don't have ARs though. We are more of the traditional guns kinda people. Would be cool on national news for the wife to beat my scores though. LOL...
    I'm just not photgenic to say the very least. And the "bars" we go to aren't...And when we are at the bar part of the restaurant, We do NOT have our guns. It is bad form, and not a positive light on us. Maybe that's what they are hoping for....
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    Any interaction with the "media" should be approached with extreme caution. If anyone chooses to interact with the media it is recommended that you too record the interview to hold the "reporter" accountable for the accurate recounting of the discussion. When the media knows that there is another documented and complete account of any interaction their adherence to journalistic integrity seems to be quite evident. Or, they will simply decline to interact with you. If VA is a one-party state then a recording of the discussion does not necessarily need to be made known to the reporter.

    The media spin of the "You didn't build that." comment by Obama is a prime example of journalistic malfeasance.
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    Today's media is untrustworthy.

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    VA doesn't have any "Bars!"
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