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Thread: Free E-book on gun control facts

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    Free E-book on gun control facts

    I'm sure many of us here at OCDO are already aware of this great resource, but in lieu of the recent circumstances I'm putting this up just in case. This is great stuff to provide to liberal media, that will shut down all of their arguments straight away

    Please pass this along to any "grabbing" liberal that needs a reality check.

    Cheers, and seasons greetings to all.
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    I've been using that site for ages to debunk the antis. Magically they always seem to either shut up or try to ignore what I say when I post it. Especially since it has all sorts of cites already in it. Though I did get a response one time to the effect of "that's not relevant, the study is 20 years old" but when I asked for their more recent study that contradicts it they magically vanished from the discussion.

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