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Thread: Open Letter to the NRA - Re: Connecticut's innocent school gun ban victims

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    Open Letter to the NRA - Re: Connecticut's innocent school gun ban victims

    Dear NRA,

    Like you, I'm very worried about the tone of the current national debate over gun control in the wake of the horrible event in Connecticut.

    Currently the debate is framed in terms of what compromises the gun rights side (i.e. the NRA) is going to make.

    The NRA really needs to change the debate and get off the defensive! The anti-gunners should be the ones defending gun-free zones instead of the NRA defending 'assault' weapons and magazines.

    I hope you agree that the NRA had better propose some kind of national legislation to end the ban on self-defense in our nation's schools. If this is the NRA's response at this coming Friday's news conference, then suddenly the national dialogue will be about gun-free school zones = killing zones and NOT semi-automatic firearms = weapons of mass murder.

    I'm suggesting reasonable national legislation be proposed as follows:

    Congress should require States to provide one of the following protective measures at every school:

    Employ a trained law-enforcement officer that is armed (i.e. School Resource Officer)
    Employ a trained security guard that is armed
    Allow trained volunteer security to be armed
    Allow trained faculty to be armed
    Or else be required to allow private licensed carry on campus.

    The States get to make the final choice; they may allocate funds for an armed police officer or simply allow private licensed carry with no fiscal impact. Either way, gun free school zone massacres would be a thing of the past and it is about time!

    If the NRA pushes this, as a non-negotiable condition to EVEN considering other gun-control measures, then the national debate has instantly changed. The antis will have to defend the concept of gun-free zones, while at the same time the above legislation doesn't necessarily require the States to spend a single dime if they opt for allowing volunteer or private carry.

    David M. Bennett
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