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Thread: "What my legislator said" thread.

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    "What my legislator said" thread.

    I have received personal email replies from my two Virginia legislators in response to my emails urging an end to GUN FREE MURDER ZONES in schools.

    Delegate Rick Morris (R): Agrees and is "working on it." Yay!

    Senator Harry Blevins (R): As a former principal, is waiting for all the facts, and has never thought guns in schools were a good idea but is "...going to try to have an open mind as we make every effort to find a workable solution that will protect our children."

    So far I'll call this a win. I doubt I would have gotten such positive replies two weeks ago.

    Let's roll on our legislators!
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    A law-abiding citizen should be able to carry his personal protection firearm anywhere that an armed criminal might go.

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    What I deal with ...

    My delegate posted to his facebook page: "Governor's comments on this leave me dumbfounded. The last thing we need is our schools turning into video game with both sides fully armed."

    Mind you, the Governor's comments were that arming principals might help, and he was willing to consider it. (And no talk of "require" like Marshall is spouting.)
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    "What my legislator said" thread.

    I would like to write my legislators as well. What is the best wording for this delicate situation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Esanders2008 View Post
    I would like to write my legislators as well. What is the best wording for this delicate situation?
    I sent an email to OV members to not do anything until we see the actual wording on some of the bills. I like calls, they have more impact than emails.
    Generic emails that just say do something, are really a waste of time.

    I fully expect arming anyone on campus or school grounds is a dead issue this year for a lot of reasons and there isn't going to be any forward progress for carry in general. The absolute best that can be hoped for is not to get stuck with a lot of new laws that restrict lawful gun ownership in Virginia and we're going to be lucky if we don't lose our long johns on the Federal side.

    So far within the gun community itself, I've seen an alarming number of people in favor of closing the imaginary gun show loophole, increased background checks and even a little mention of waiting periods.

    That's why some Republicans are going Dark. There is a lot of momentum already.

    I've said this here and other places but this year is going to put them under a microscope. There are NO pro gun legislators. Just some that are less anti than others. They all go with who makes the most noise.
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    From Senator Black

    I wrote to Senator Black and received the following reply:

    "Thank you for your message regarding this rush to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights. Senator Black has in in elected office a long time. Prior to the senate, he was in the House of Delegates when Columbine happened. I can tell you from experience, Senator Black does not shy away from his support of the Second Amendment regardless of public opinion. Sometimes it is easy to support our gun rights and there are other times when it takes a great deal of courage. I can assure you Senator Black has a backbone of steel.

    Gun laws are for law abiding citizens. Criminals donít care about gun free zones or the type of weapon they use since they already have a blatant disregard for taking a life. Fortunately, I heard that Governor McDonnell is taking a strong stand in favor of our right to defend ourselves, unlike the governor or Maryland. Although can't ease your mind on the federal level, at least on the state level I believe we will be okay.

    Thank you for your strong support of one of our most important rights as Americans."

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