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Thread: Firearm laws concerning Felons

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    Firearm laws concerning Felons

    Was brought up in discussion with a friend who served 2 years for invol manslaughter

    I have a legal firearm purchased with valid permit from the local sheriff no felonies for me but,

    I invited him to my house to do some target shooting and he made several statements in which I would like to find answers

    1. He says he could come over for dinner my guns be locked in a safe upstairs and if the police came we all get charged with felonies.
    So in other words not only possession but he cant be around anyone that has a firearm in their possession?

    2.he stated that if he was pulled over and had a single spent shell casing that constituted possesion of a firearm by a felon

    so is it safe to invite this guy to my house? Is there a law being broken? What if I were OC or CCing and he was with me
    are we both in trouble? whats the law specify?

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    My understanding is a felon cannot have any firearms in the home they reside. The felons would be the ones being charged with a crime, not you, unless you provided them with firearms. You may want to check with an attorney.
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    i am not an attorney
    but you might take a look at gs 14-415.1
    your friend is apparently looking out for both your wellbeings.

    i also understand the mentality if a casing is found in their vehicle but cant find statute to state this is why...

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    My friends ex-husband was/is a felon. She owned firearms while they were married as she was not a felon.

    The federal laws relate to posession. I can't speak to your state laws.

    Here's some lawyerly opinions. (deals with spouses living in the same house but that's closer to posession than a visitor)

    I should add she had the police over many times (domestic altercations) while OC'ing and they never arrested him for posession of firearms. He was a high-risk felon as he had shot at the police during a car chase after a robbery. YMMV, this is AZ and LE don't raise eyebrows to guns.
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    I have heard the same about being around them but i know a guy in va that i used to carry around and when i asked him he said as long as its not "on him" its good. But also inal

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