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Thread: NM Open Carry

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    NM Open Carry

    Ok so i have two questions. I live in el paso TX and travel to and from New Mexico for my job. Now i was also recently let off Defered Felony probation for possession of under a gram (controlled substance). Now since i am legally cleared and charges have been drop. may i open carry in NM which does allow open carry? Also, it is legal to conceal in texas if you are traveling, now would going back and fourth from el paso to NM can i conceal my hand gun in the glove box or center concol while im driving to NM or back from NM since i am technically traveling? Thanks in advanced!

    ** I have also been told by the gun shop that i should now be legally allowed to purchase and hand gun because i have completed my defered and was not convicted.

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    Take it up with an attorney to be absolutely sure you are legal to purchase, own, possess, or carry a firearm before you attempt to purchase, own, possess, or carry a firearm. As much as I believe you have a personal right to defend yourself from any and all UNLAWFUL aggression against you, on this forum we advocate ONLY for lawful actions.
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    Eddie -

    Welcome to OCDO. Thank you for the trust you have that answers will be both correct and helpful.

    I second the advice of JoeSparky, and would add that the lawyer be knowledgeable aboiut both criminal law (easy to find) and about gun rights (much harder to find). A search of the New Mexico forum may give you leads on lawyers that are considered "good" on the issue of gun rights. And if you do not find the information after your search (the search functiuon on OCDO is politely described as "wonky at best") you can ask the folks on the ground for recommendations.

    Advice from the internet is about as reliable as advice from the guy behind the gun counter. Without a citation (or two or three) to the relavant law they say supports their advice you are taking a crap shoot on going to jail and permanently losing your RKBA. Most state Bar Associations run a lawyer referral program where you can get an initial consultation for a small fee (well, small as far as what lawyers normally charge for half an hour of their time).

    When you have your answer, please consider coming back and adding the information to The Law Library section here at OCDO.

    stay safe.
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