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Thread: An idea if gun permit holders are public records in your state

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    An idea if gun permit holders are public records in your state

    Look up your children's teachers. Then, look up the teachers that are alternatives to the class they are in.

    If your child's teacher is not a permit holder, but there is one that is, send a formal written request to the school or district asking that your student be transferred to that teacher's class and that that teacher be given specific permission (if needed) to carry at the school.

    This is just a thought I had, and I recognize that it won't be possible for most of you, depending on what state you live in, but maybe there are a few of you out there that have kids and are in a state where this idea could start a wave or two or at least get some administrators talking about it.

    While I am in favor of confidentiality for permit holders (my state implemented it only a few years ago), this is at least worth thinking about. BUT, I also wonder if it might get some teachers in trouble just for being on the list and having to explain themselves to ignorant administrators.

    Like I said, I'm thinking out loud.

    And in general, write letters to your school administrators demanding that they fight for the right of teachers to be armed. Don't let the anti-gun community get all the press time.

    EDIT: On a completely unrelated matter, what the heck am I doing that Google is recommending an advertisement for a laboratory microscope slide shredding machine?
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