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Thread: Firearm Found Inside Mpls. School Staff Memberís Locker

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    Firearm Found Inside Mpls. School Staff Memberís Locker

    The staff member did have a gun permit, but guns are not allowed in Minnesota schools.
    Is "not being allowed" the same as unlawful?

    The last line in the story.
    The staff member is not a teacher, and so far has not been charged with a crime.
    This is a very interesting story. If no charges are brought a opportunity presents it self.
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    Impressive woman

    I have to believe she will be charged. No wiggle room on that decision. She'll get fired, too.

    The piece of info that impressed me is:

    " A staff member who was worried about safety after the tragedy in Connecticut brought her own loaded gun to an elementary school on Wednesday."

    She made a conscious decision, with her very own rationale, to violate the law. But that's not a good sign for the "we-need-to-arm-some-teachers!" crowd.

    Also impressive is that a chick is wanting to shoot a .357 magnum j-frame. That HURTS!
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