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Thread: Official EMAIL from Academy

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    Official EMAIL from Academy

    Well seeing the shelves were bare of semi auto rifles of any kind I heard rumors they were bare because academy quit selling them so I emailed them and asked the scoop.

    here is what I was sent back!

    Good afternoon Kirby,

    Thank you for contacting Academy Sports + Outdoors. We are currently selling MSR's, but out of respect for the families and the tragic situation, we have chosen not to broadly advertise these items. Our selection varies by store and your best source for current inventory availability is your local store.

    Thank you for choosing Academy Sports + Outdoors.


    Administrative Support Associate
    Customer Care Center
    Academy Sports + Outdoors
    (888) ***-****

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    Official EMAIL from Academy

    That's good that they did not pull the sales altogether like a few other large retailers have, (Dicks and CTD)
    Academy will continue to get my business over them any day!

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    Official EMAIL from Academy

    Maybe I a a butt hole. I have been called worse but shouldn't they just do that in the area affected? This has gotten way out of control. If someone moves down 200 people with a Toyota tundra do you see them moving all the tundras to the back of the lot and not showing them? Well I have 4 billion examples we all do. I just feel
    It has gotten out of hand is all.... No disrespect to anyone sorry if I did. And yes I have kids also around that age.

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