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Thread: Greater Richmond OC The World Did Not End breakfast - RCD 9:30 AM 12/22

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    Greater Richmond OC The World Did Not End breakfast - RCD 9:30 AM 12/22

    An oppoortunity to compare TEOTWAWKI notes from yet another threat that fizzled.

    River City Diner, I-95 & PaRHAm Road, beginning 9:30(ish) AM.

    There is a gun show at Meadow Event Park this weekend. I'm going to guess that even that one will be jammed full of folks with fistsful of cash willing to pay overpriced rates just in case this time The Prez and Congress are serious. (Just a warning - do not get caught in the crush at the beef jerky table.)

    stay safe.
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    Greater Richmond OC The World Did Not End breakfast - RCD 9:30 AM 12/22

    When is this? I'm mobile and can't see the entire title.
    ...To make my bullets go faster!

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    Sat., 12/22, 9:30 AM

    River City Diner
    803 East Parham Road
    (804) 266-1500

    Will be there as I've been told I have to be somewhere, anywhere, while Ms Claus does her thing.
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    9.30am Saturday 12/22/12

    Put me & the little guy down as coming. Invite the antis and let them see that intelligent kids aren't bothered by being around firearms, but tell them to sit in another room so we're not put off our food by the smell of BS coming out their mouths

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    alas, i am once again truly disappointed when rapture or other apocalyptic final doomsday event(s) fail to materialize as i really want to see who, besides myself, are going to be remaining to walk the earth for all of eternity ...


    ps: my luck i would be stuck wandering the earth w/the likes of Fred Phelps, Paul, et al. sigh!!

    pss: on the plus side, the brain eating zombies would allow me to live...
    But who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most...
    A person who has for untold centuries maintained the imposing position of spiritual head of four-fifths of the human race...
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    While It's truly disappointing that the powers didn't smite my enemies as I'd planned...There's always tomorrow

    Speaking of tomorrow, I hope you all have a good time and make plenty of fun of me. I'll miss you but by daylight I'll be deep in the woods.

    By noon, I'll probably be chasing dog hunters and by dark....tired as Hades.

    I may go to the gunshow on Sunday to see if anyone wants to trade 223 55gr for 308.

    Have fun Guys!

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