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Thread: First off~ Introduction!

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    First off~ Introduction!

    hey all.
    Olympia local, gathering info, taking steps to get my cpl, and better myself shooting.

    considering any firearm, shooting classes in the area-

    any i should look into locally???

    Lacey, WA

    thanks in advance for replies.

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    Welcome aboard and glad to have ya. I know that Cabela's sometimes has classes, and I am sure some local peeps too. For firearms, go to a range where you can rent some guns for the day and give a few a try. Guns are like cars, and what fits one as perfect, may be a miserable match to another. I myself like 1911 (.45 acp), and I love a good wheel gun too.
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    Welcome to OCDO.
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    Re: First off~ Introduction!

    Welcome to the forum.

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