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    SEATAC Airport

    Several uneventful OC trips to the airports today (and boy are my arms tired) and I ran across something very cool. Once again a startup business that I had an idea for that I let get away from me..... Secure Storage at the Airport

    Ken's Baggage is located inside of Sea-Tac International Airport on the baggage claim level between carousels #12 & #13, beneath the escalators.
    Ken's is open daily from 5:30 a.m. until 12:30 a.m. We do close early on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day and are closed all day Christmas.
    Our facility is primarily aimed at providing a staffed, secure, convenient location for airport travelers to store items. We provide baggage storage as well as offer frozen storage and refrigerated storage services. In addition to our storage service we do provide a variety of other "traveller friendly" services.

    Mailing Address: 17801 International Blvd., PMB #100, Seattle, WA. 98158

    Shipping Address: Rm MT3080B, Sea-Tac Airport, Seattle, WA. 98158

    Phone: (206) 433-5333

    We sell a variety of packaging needs. We offer packing boxes and wetlock (fish boxes). Tape for packaging is available in a variety of types, as are padlocks.
    U.S. Postage stamps and a variety of styles, sizes and types of envelopes are available for purchase.
    Dog kennels and molded handgun or rifle cases approved for airline travel can be purchased here as well.

    Dry & Frozen storage now available at SEATAC

    We offer a staffed storage service, providing you with an itemized claim check detailing the specific items stored as well as the daily fee to be charged. We can store anything from a small set of keys, to an envelope, your laptop, bicycle, suitcase, or base case. If it fits into our 4'x 10' entrance door - we can store it! We can store for a short time or for up to 60 days, however we do charge for every 24 hour period that we have your item in our custody. Storage prices are charged based upon the size of the item per every 24 hour period that it is stored.


    keys/envelopes 4.00
    small carry-on 6.50-7.50
    suitcase 8.00-10.50
    golf bags 9.00-12.00
    duffel bags 7.00-10.50
    boxes 6.50-15.00
    backpacks 6.50-10.50
    skis 10.00-12.00
    dog kennels 7.50-12.00
    specific quotes for unique items available upon request

    Items other than keys/envelopes/lighters/pocket knives and perishable items stored less than 2 hours will be charged 1/2 price.

    Custodian shall not be responsible for items left in excess of 60 days.

    We offer both refrigerated and frozen storage capabilities to Sea-Tac Airport travellers. Storing of these perishable commodities shall not exceed 15 days.


    single wrapped fish $ 12.00
    small fish market box 14.00
    wetlock boxes 16/18/22.00
    coolers 14.00-22.00

    Large parties requiring freezer storage during their stay in Seattle are encouraged to call for reservations at (206) 433-5333.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    $12.00 to store 1 single wrapped fish for two weeks?!??!

    However, I know a few people who ask about what to do with their guns when visiting Canada....
    Marlin, Swordfish etc.

    I have one of you guys keep my firearm for me when I go where I can't take it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Starks View Post
    Once again a startup business that I had an idea for that I let get away from me.....

    OK, so that one got away from you. How about another? A secure storage facility for firearms that people crossing the border into Canada could use. One right near each border crossing. A security vault like service that banks provide with their "Safe Deposit Boxes". Customer rents a "locker' of sufficient size, places weapon(s) in, takes key or enters his own unique code in the electronic lock and all boxes are secured behind a huge vault door.

    There's a facility like that in Bellevue that stores all kinds of valuables. They even pick up and deliver via armored vans. The "Richie Riches" on the Eastside use them to store artwork and jewelry, calling for it to be delivered when they want to show off with a party.
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