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Thread: Panic buying

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    Panic buying

    how do the shelves look around town?

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    Oh yeah.....

    Empty...... Really empty.....

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    Panic buying

    This is crazy. A shop here in Kentucky that I frequent alot sold 103 ars in two days. Ammos hard to find in any store you go into. And don't even think about finding pmags anytime soon. Shelves are pretty much empty
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    Panic Buying

    I've got some panics for anyone buying.

    Been stockpiling them for years.

    I've got well worn panics, low-mileage panics, and mint panics. Of course, I ask the most for the mint panics.

    My biggest selection is in the well worn panics. I've got "Honey, I'm prenant." I've got "Mother-in-law moving in". And, of course, "When are we going to get married?" These are the most dependable panics a fella could own.

    So, call now: 1-800-Buy-Fear. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

    PS: I'm also willing to trade for rarer panics. I'll give three slightly used "Here comes a Mack truck!" for a genuine "Houston, we've got a problem."

    For Serious Collectors Only: I've got an original "the lifeboats are already full" that I will trade for two fully tricked-out AR's. Must be high-end optics.

    PSS: I've got two un-retouched photos of Nancy Pelosi without make-up for sale. But, be warned this is a highly dangerous article capable of inducing life-threatening panic. This is only for the most experienced panic buyers. Negatives included. Will ship only to a federally licensed panic dealer in your state. You pay the transfer fees. Call for current pricing.
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