In gearing up for the difficult upcoming legislative session, we have started making some improvements to our site's legislative tools.

The first improvement on the block was giving people easy access to email lists for the legislators.
On our site, we have always had a 'Legislative' menu. That menu now has new submenu called 'Email Lists'.
Under this, you will have the options:

- Full legislature
- Representatives
- Senators

These will be useful for mass communications to start with.

We have also improved our Committee pages to include a link above the list of people in the committee "Get all emails for committee:". Click the link and you will get an email listing.

All of the above listings are just plain text, comma separated dumps of the emails. The intent is that these can then simply be put into your email program (I recommend on the 'bcc' line) and your message can be sent.

If anyone sees any of these emails change, or has better information for us, please send it to info [at] so we can update our data.