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Thread: OC this holiday season.

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    OC this holiday season.

    I'm fairly new to this forum, and really to the open carry concept. I do hold a CCW permit, but with all thats going on in the states with gun violence I feel its now a nessisty to show that I am armed, and I am one of the good guys. After all thugs and "gangsters" dont open carry. I OC at Khols the other day with my wife an kids and not only was it a mad house but it seemed that everyone was off worried about getting those last minute holiday gifts nobody noticed me. Then I when to Jimmy Johns off of Garden of the Gods. I go in and I'm sure that one guy behind the counter **** his pants. The other at the register didnt seem to notice. Then came the person coming in behind me. I noticed he had to do a double take as he so "casually" glanced around my right side to see my XDm .45 nicely holstered, then he put about another 5 feet between us. Its fine I just smiled and said "Merry Christmas" and left. So I'm curious is anyone else in the Colorado Springs area has been OCing while doing holiday errands and how have they been perceaved. I feel like we need to get out there and inform the public that "hey, you can oc pretty much anywhere you want here and you should". After all the Sherrifs Dept CCWP dept is backlogged till Febuary.

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    Some OCers make little "business cards" that state some "fun facts" (!) about OCing and why people do so. Once in a while you will find that topic (about some sort of hand-out) coming up in the forum.

    So besides having a conversation with someone who questions an OCer about his/her carrying, the OCer also gives the person a card.

    BTW (and sadly), it's been in the 70s here daily, but Merry Christmas to you all in cold Colorado anyway!
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    OC in the Springs is pretty much a non-event...most people won't even notice and the majority of those who notice won't care one way or the other. A dirty look from some people is about the worst reaction you can expect. There are a fair amount of OCers in the Springs.
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    the 10 years i resided in COS i opened carried on a daily basis and not a peep was said...strange looks yes, comments nah...

    Sheriff Terry Maketa and his predecessor Sheriff John Anderson, are huge supports of citizens carrying firearms.

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