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Thread: The Scourge of Concealed Weapons (NYT Wants Fed to End Shall Issue States)

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    The Scourge of Concealed Weapons (NYT Wants Fed to End Shall Issue States)

    Nowadays, however, there are four states that require no permit at all to carry a gun, and 35 states have permissive “shall issue” or “right-to-carry” laws that effectively take the decision of who should carry a weapon out of law enforcement’s hands. These laws say that if an applicant meets minimal criteria — one is not having been convicted of a felony, and another is not having a severe mental illness — officials have no choice about whether to issue a permit.

    Some states go even further by expressly allowing guns where they should not be. Nine states now have “carry laws” that permit guns on campuses; eight permit them in bars; five permit them in places of worship. In Utah, holders of permits can now carry concealed guns in elementary schools.

    Among the arguments advanced for these irresponsible statutes is the claim that “shall issue” laws have played a major role in reducing violent crime. But the National Research Council has thoroughly discredited this argument for analytical errors. In fact, the legal scholar John Donohue III and others have found that from 1977 to 2006, “shall issue” laws increased aggravated assaults by “roughly 3 to 5 percent each year.”

    The federal government could help protect the public from lax state gun laws. For starters, the Fix Gun Checks Act, proposed last year in Congress, would close gaping loopholes in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and make a huge difference in identifying many people who should be denied permits under “shall issue” laws yet slip through the state systems

    (I always seen research that concealed licensees as a population are less likely to committ crime. Either way this article is scary. It wants the fed to stop allowing states to do shall-issue concealed permits even though this had nothing to do with the CT shooting! )

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    Hey, New York. MYOFB. What happens in Alaska, West Virginia, Florida, or New Hampshire is none of your concern.

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