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Thread: Colorado/Denver age requirements

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    Question Colorado/Denver age requirements

    Ok, per the OpenCarry page, it is legal for someone 18 or older but under 21 to open carry (not CCW) with the obvious exception being the wonderful City and County of Denver. With that said, I wanted some verification. I am the legal owner of a Glock 23 gen 4. I just want some second opinions on whether or not I can indeed OC. I'm not saying I'm going to carry when shopping at the mall, just when going on shooting trips and other similar outings.

    Also, in Denver, if I have the pistol loaded in the vehicle to use for defense, but NOT on my person, would that be OC in their eyes?

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    Yes you can open carry in Colorado at age 18 without a CHP. I wouldn't recommend OC'ing at the mall as most malls are owned by Simon Corp and they prohibit firearms in their malls.

    Also along with the city and county of Denver the OC ban extends to all Denver owned or controlled property.

    For vehicle carry, Colorado views your vehicle to be an extension of your home. You may OC or CC in your vehicle with or without a permit.

    Welcome to OCDO and stop by the Colorado forum here.
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    Colorado Gun Owners - COGO

    A discussion forum for Colorado Gun Owners.

    Colorado Firearm law.
    Lexis Nexis: Colorado law pertaining to firearms.
    Title 18, Article 12

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