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Thread: Latest Ft. Bragg Regs.

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    Latest Ft. Bragg Regs.

    Does anybody happen to have a working link or copy of the lates Privately Owned Weapons/Ammo Control regulations for Ft. Bragg? I just checked the PMO site in case I needed to post up the Regs exempting NC CHP holders from Fort Bragg regs while on public highways and they have a new version out, but the link is broken... Last version was FB190-11, new one is FB190-12.

    Found it. In case anyone else is interested:
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    OP, as stated in para 1-1 of Fort Bragg's Regulation, it applies to Fort Bragg - proper!

    Further, IAW para 1-4 a & b outlines compliance to those Military, government employees, and civilians assigned to the Post.

    I am not an attorney so shan't comment further yet there is another commentary about a similar subject on NC open-carry experiences...

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    That reg is from 2004. After the shooting in Texas Ft Bragg changed its policy to all weapons be registered before being brought onto Ft Bragg. If I can find the then reg I will post back on here.
    Here is link
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