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Thread: Watch out for Internet Bait

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    Watch out for Internet Bait

    Anti-gun terrorists have been working on their computer crime strategies for some time, but I've noticed it's gotten more intense in the past few days. They use what appear to be pro-defense messages in order to get you sucked in. Watch out for invitations to visit strange websites and for emails from people you don't know or which use some kind of anonymous label instead of a legitimate name. If you use an HTML based email reader, instead of plain text, your computer is particularly vulnerable. Even where you do know the sender, think about whether that person is really likely to have sent you the specific message you received, because I've been getting stuff from people whose address book function has been "hacked" which appears to be from that known and reliable person, but is really from someone else who's stolen my friend's email address. If in doubt, send the friend an email asking whether they really did send the questionable message - that may be their first clue that they've been the victim of anti-gun computer terrorism attacks.
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    On what basis do you ascribe this to anti-gun terrorists?

    Folks have been getting hacked for just about forever and it was not by anti-gun terrorists - at least as far as there being no overt anti-gun component. Driving motives for most of the hacking seems to fall out between profit and perversity, not a politically motivated issue.

    stay safe.
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